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                   South Dakota's Professional Ghost Hunting team DFPR

         DFPR About Our Team


DFPR is a team that is very professional in all your paranormal needs.  We believe in the paranormal but debunking is our first overall objective in helping you. There are times, however, it can not be explained and thats where we come in to help. We have ways to do house blessings as well, if needed. We believe in helping to find the spirits but also attempt to take care of them so your family can live in peace. We are out of Sioux Falls, SD. We are a non-profit group but we do accept donations to help cut the cost for gas and equipment.


                      Our TEAM 

Chad-Founder Of DFPR, Case Manager, and Lead Investigator

Doty-Lead Tech Guy and Lead Investigator

Jason-Tech Hand and Investigator in Training

Nate-Lead Investigator

Walt-Research Investigator

Daren-Pastor and Investigator


         Upcoming Cases for 2011

                     Private Residence, In Brandon, SD, October, 29, 2011 at    8pm!

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