Case Number 3

October 25, 2011
I feel kind of silly asking this. Normally a few bumps and lights turning on doesn't bother me. I have a great mind to push it off to some random electrical issue, or the house setteling ect. But we just bought this house Sept. 16th. And have had quite a few weird little events go on here. The big one happened early this morning. And with my boyfriend out of town till saturday made it even more unnerving! Last night I went to bed read my book, and at random my bedroom light turns on and off. At first we assumed it to be on a timer, but of course if I just leave the light on it stays on for hours. If I am in the bed room it turns off around 20 min or so of laying in bed reading. Also the fan turns on at random. But last night I was hearing random bumps and such and ignored them. At 3:57 am, for some reason I tend to wake up frequently around then. I woke up. And had seriouse issues sleeping. Now at 5 am my 8 yr. daughter came in my room all wired. "Mom!" What't that alarm? It woke me up! And she was talking as though she still heard it. I didnt hear a thing. 7:30 am we get ready to leave for school, our garage door is wide open. With all the things going on lately, my boyfriend suggest I get the house blessed. Not by a priest persay, but more the white sage, or palo santos wood. I have tried these things in the past, and they help ease the mind some, and have also placed amethyst rocks in the corners of my house in attempts to avoid the negative feelings. My biggest issue here is its waking us up at all hours, and I'm trying my best not to freak out and scare the kids. But I'm not sure what to do. It doesn't feel spooky here. But there's definatly something not right going on. There's various other little things that I didn't include. But I would be happy to share those with you. Please help me!

Date Case Will Be Looked At Saturday, 29,2011
In Private Residence, Brandon, SD
Time 8pm

Looking For New Cases!

January 4, 2011
We are currently looking for new cases if you have anything that is intresting please let us know and we will get back to you if we deem it crediable, So we hope to hear from you soon!
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