Paranormal Television:

Ghost Lab-Everyday Paranormal-


Ghost Adventures-



White Crow Paranormal Magazine -



American Ghost Society/Ghosts of the Prairie- an informational site by the American Ghost Society-

Ghostvillage-Paranormal information, evidence and discussion site-





Religion and Demonology-This is an informational site put together by a practicing Roman Catholic demonologist*.
*Please note that demonology, the study of demons, is NOT anything to play or experiment with. 
This "Religious Demonology" site will not introduce the reader to specific demons or how to become a demonologist. Instead it is a site that provides religiously based information, warnings, and self help/guidance for those who feel they may be experiencing paranormal occurrences.

Paranormal Stores

Ghost Stop-



 Other "Active" paranormal investigation/research/ghost hunting groups:
While DFPR does not endorse or recommend other groups, we do feel you should know that you have a choice when selecting a group to help with your situation or answer your questions.
SPCTR-Paranormal investigation group in the Tea, South Dakota-

Black Hills Paranormal-paranormal investigation group in the Black Hills area of South Dakota-

DPI Dakota Paranormal Investigations-paranormal investigation group in the Fargo, North Dakota area-

SPRS Siouxland Paranormal Research Society- paranormal investigation group in Iowa area-

South Dakota Cold Case 

Infomation on who to Contact in your Area:

Missing People Links:

Support Our Troops 

Because these men and women give there all for your freedoms, We should giveback to them as well!

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